Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Future Husband,

I'm trying to be good. No, really, I am. I've been running everyday this past week. But, I feel like I'm adding no distance and my runs are very "meh." Truth be told, I know you probably don't even care about my running lately. We'll talk about when we've been married for a while and have nothing else to talk about (and I'm guaranteed that you won't bolt because of my lame conversation).

School needs to come back, right now. I miss it. When I'm in school, there's more discipline in my life. Which means, there's more running in my life. This year, my goal was to run two half marathons (that equals one marathon, right?). One down, one to go. But, I need someone to get my rear into gear with training. So, I figure, somewhere down the line (if you ever show up, or if not) you can encourage me to amp up my athleticism.

Life has been a bit crazy this week. For my internship at the radio station, I was in charge of a prize wheel for the 4-H fair. And, this week I have the pleasure of standing out in 100 degree weather to see people spin my lovely wheel. It's a blast, let me tell you (please note: no sarcasm). The people are what make the fair. It's only been two nights so far, but I like it (despite the heat).

Oh, and I've already decided that we're going to travel and do all sorts of crazy things. But, the craziest thing of all is that exactly one year ago, I started writing these letters to you. That's something, huh? It's been an entire year. So many things have changed, but not really. I've grown up and become more mature, but not much. I hope that you've changed, but not drastically. I hope that you've grown up and matured too, but not a lot.

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  1. You are running the Nov 5 mini right? Molly and I are too.