Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dear Future Husband,

I thought I would begin writing to you. Normally, I'm not up for all this sappy stuff, but I'm not going for sappy with these posts. I genuinely want to fill you in on my life at the current stage-senior year, 2010, summer job. In these posts, I'll talk with you, or more really to you, about what I want us to do in the future. Please take these in stride. Because, my mind changes a lot; I hope you're decisive and make decisions I like ;)

Right now I'm sitting in the Bedford, IN Starbucks. It's been my regular hang-out over the summer. I know the manager by name, I've done trades with them through the radio station. Oh, yes, the radio station is where I'm working this summer as an intern. But, being in this town all summer has made me realize, I cannot stay in the same place for long. It's driving me mad. So, I've come up with a solution.

We are going to go backpacking through Europe. No planned hotels, excessive luggage, or touristy activities. When I go somewhere, I like to pretend that I'm a native, it's fun. We'll sleep at youth hostels. I hear that they've gotten better.

Don't worry, we'll book a nice hotel at the end of the trip.

The bullet train will take us into Montenegro. Where we'll see the hotel where they filmed Casino Royal (one of my favorite movies).

Of course we'll go to all the classic places, like Paris, Normandy, Berlin, and Amsterdam. That's a given. And I'm not picky, so hopefully, we won't spend very much money. Because, as you should know, I'm kind of a tight wad.

More on our life to come, later.

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