Monday, August 9, 2010

Simply Living Life.

I have a magazine addiction. But, I hear admission of my problem is the first step of handling it. However, I like my addiction, I think it's healthy. Ok, not really, it's not too healthy, but I'm pretty sure that it isn't harming me. I have a long list of magazines that I read at bookstores and do not buy. That's right, I don't buy magazines; I just read them for free. Seriously, do they think they can charge me five dollars for a hunk of paper that will be out of date in a week?

All ranting aside, there is one magazine that I read faithfully that has staying power. I've been reading Real Simple for about 3 years. My family got one of the offers that they sent out for "subscription for a year for only $5". Surprisingly, my mother accepted their offer, and my life has never been the same- just kidding. Leaving all trashy People gossip, Seventeen lame fashion, and The Inquirer's lies behind, Real Simple gives you tips that you can actually use, clothes that won't go out of fashion in 10 seconds, and recipes that make you look like a gourmet.

One of my favorite features would have to be their fashion features. They have trendy and hippy fun clothes, that I know will be reasonably priced (sorry InStyle, when am I ever going to be able to afford a $1200 clutch no matter how cute it is). For example, they recently did a segment on their website about 7 Fun Jewelry Pieces, and surprise, the prices weren't outlandish-

Clothes is not the only area where they excel. I love their DIY projects, especially the ones for decorating. Some of their ideas are just ingenious.

So, now that I've ranted a raved, go out a BUY Real Simple. Yes, you did just hear that come out of the mouth of the girl who never buys magazines. But, I can guarantee you that these magazines won't collect dust on a shelf after just one read. You'll want to pull them out again and again and make use of the help inside of them.

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