Monday, August 12, 2013

Of Late.

I'm sitting with my legs pulled up underneath me in an oversized desk chair. There's Josh Garrles playing in a room without anything on the walls, and a bookshelf that is trying to hold too many books and journals.

This is our new office.

One week ago, I moved. We moved. That is, me and my hubs. Is that weird to say, or what? Maybe it's just weird to type. I have never moved in my life. Ok. I take that back. My family moved when I was three years old. That hardly counts. I couldn't even carry a box. And, what is moving but carrying boxes?

We moved to a new city and the hubs began seminary all in a matter of 48 hours. It's been a wonderful kind of chaos. I'm off trying to get my name, address, and school information changed while he is at work and class.

It's safe to say that it has been a lot of learning. Life right now is just figuring stuff out daily. Greg (the hubski), is still trying to dissect the intricacies and responsibilities of his job. I am trying to figure out marriage mixed with college.

It takes time. I cannot learn everything I need to know to get through this semester.

Everyday, something surprises me.

And, just like the surprises, everyday I must remind myself of the one always sure thing in life.

The eternal love of my Father and His gift to me of salvation is enough.

Even though there have been some difficult changes and adjustments, we both decided that we would choose to celebrate the good. In all things. We decided that we were going to choose joy amidst the uncertainty of this semester.

So, here are the physical out-pourings of that decision.

Donuts. Lots and lots of donuts. Ok, not really. But, between the two of us at our previous 8-5 jobs, we consumed our fair share.

 Greg prefers to just go through life with his eyes closed and a smile. Actually, he does, minus the shut eyes thing. He's pretty jolly.

 We kind of like to smooch. There's no one else for me. This boy is it. Forever.

To prove that, according to the government, I am no longer a Blake! Trying to dominate the name change hassle.

 Tea also happens to be a happy and comforting way to end evenings. A creamy chai or herbal tea soothes the weary soul.

If all else fails, bake. My life motto. And, to help me accomplish that, I have acquired this beauty. It's by far the most used kitchen appliance.

 The bread that the hubs still talks about.

 It was fluffy! Probably because I avoided the temptation to put in wheat flour. It makes me happy, but the whole wheat is not a real favorite of Greg's...

We love living downtown. I, for one, am a huge fan of using my bike to get around. Buh-bye gasoline.

First day of seminary pictures. Yes, yes, I did. He was quite compliant. 

I think he was a little aghast that I was going to take more than one. What can I say? It's a big day! 
This should just give a giggle to all who see it. What a poser. Seriously! I think he's done this before.


There you have it. Our life of late.

We are confidently (and on some days not so confidently) trusting that God's joy of salvation is enough.

I know that He will prove himself to be our source of joy.
No matter what. God is all.

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