Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Milled Flax Seed Biscuits with Gravy.

Greg and I frequent Cracker Barrel more than any other restaurant. Granted, we don't really eat out that much. But, when we do, the "Barrel" is our breakfast eatery of choice. There's just something nice about limitless coffee and being surrounded by people who have experienced much more life than you have.

We each have our typical orders. I, however, like to change mine up every once in a while. Maybe a bran muffin. Maybe oatmeal. And, heck, why not some blackberry pancakes?

The hubs likes to play it cool. Every time, it's biscuits and gravy.

So, with this morning kicking off his very first round of grown-up seminary classes, I tried my hand at this classic. But, like everything I bake, I tried to add some actual nutritional value to the meal.

Enter milled flax seed and plain yogurt.

I began by mixing together my biscuit dough. Take heed, this recipe makes a pretty wet dough. I followed the directions. But, if I had to do it again, I would definitely make these drop biscuits. Way easier.

I plopped them into a cast iron skillet (is there any other way?) and off they went to get cozy in the oven.

Meanwhile, I made the gravy.

But, there was no sausage to be found in this little apartment. So, I decided to leave it meatless and sub in some delicious flavaaaas (mornings make me crazy).

All in all, these biscuits and gravy made the hubs happy. The only thing that gave away that they were "healthied-up" was the sweet flavor in the biscuits. Depending on how sweet you like your biscuits, the honey quantity is debatable.

I topped these puppies with some fresh garlic chives (thanks, Mom, for my herb garden...let's see if I can keep it alive). I also just snapped an iPhone picture. Why? Because at this point I hadn't finished a cup of coffee. Walking to the other room to get my actual camera just sounded like too much work...

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