Thursday, September 6, 2012


I hopped out my car, swung my backpack into its rightful position, and began the trek from my car to campus. Well before I reached my intended destination, I was sweating. Gross. Not like girl sweat, but manly drips of sweat. Great. Just perfect for my interview this morning. My pants began to stick to my legs. At that moment, I was extra thankful for the 15 minute buffer time I'd planned into my walk.

An awful photo before I left the house. I tried.

The buffer was used to stand in the lady's restroom and blot my sweat. Dainty, right? I know. While blotting, I was talking to myself. Reminding myself of why I was even applying for this position. I like to multi-task; what can I say? When the e-mail for Women in Engineering leadership position made its way into my inbox, I was ready to hit the "trash" button. Something kept from doing it, though. Maybe it was the fact that I performed that deleting action to everyone of those e-mails last year. Why not? Why wouldn't I apply? I always say that I want to be more involved ON campus. Here was an opportunity.

They asked me for an interview a couple days after I submitted my application.

After I had de-sweated myself, I headed up the stairs to the conference room for the interview. After walking into a couple wrong rooms, I finally landed in the right place. Thank you, kind man in the office.

The interview went well, I think, but that's not really the important part. I want this leadership position because I think it's important to represent Christ at my school, not just at church. Serving in the local church is important. Don't get me wrong. I tend to constrict my service to that arena and forget that other organizations need sacrificial service, too.

Time to stretch myself. To go outside what is comfortable. To be Christ in every arena that I can.

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