Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Taylor and Ben.

Taylor came up to me on a Wednesday night while we were volunteering at the community center and we started talking. Every week, we would clean toilets and talk about what God had been doing in our lives. Soon enough, a boy came into the picture. She would shyly bring up Ben, not wanting to think something of nothing. 

Soon enough, Ben started volunteering at the community center, too. Together they served, laughed, and poked fun. Lovingly. When they started dating, I knew that these two were just perfect. Taylor is game for anything that Ben wildly suggests, but she's also got a pretty good head on her. She has never ridden on his motorcycle. Point proven. Smart girl ;)

Ben concocted a spectacular proposal plan and allowed me to be a part of it. And, when the time came for their wedding, and I got to be a part of it too, I couldn't resist. These two love each other so much, and love their Savior even more. Thank you for letting me witness your love and document your wedding day!

This is quite possibly the cutest detail I've ever seen. Taylor's nephew pulled his new baby sister down the aisle.

Meet the "baby sister." So precious.

Taylor was such a doll for a variety of reasons, but the main one being that she just enjoyed the day, spending time with her family. Love, love, love a relaxed bride!

The studly young groomsmen sportin' the bow tie.

I always love seeing how the girls get ready compared to the guys. Makes me smile every time.

I think these next couple of pictures show exactly why I am always a fan when couples want to have a first look before the ceremony. The sweet moment is so personal and beautiful.

So much joy!

Oh, and kudos to all these guys. We had a blast with these pictures. Well done, boysies, well done.

Seriously a beautiful group of ladies.

Watching his bride come down the aisle.

Taylor did an awesome job with all the details. Candles. Lighting. Flowers. They were amazing.

And, true to Ben's farming roots, they had cow-bells as they left the ceremony.

These two made my job a breeze! I mean, come on Taylor, gorgeous!

Taylor's dad welcomed everyone to the reception with such a heartfelt speech that just showed even more how much he loves his girl.

Like always, Kelly's Cakes did a stellar job with this beauty.

Ben's mom grabbed a handkerchief as he brought her up to the dance floor. So, yes, there were tears shed.

Ben and Taylor, I just love you two!

Happy Wednesday!

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