Friday, March 30, 2012

Trenton and Jacquie.

Well, he knew that he liked her. A lot. And, well, she kind of knew he liked her, too. But, they weren't quite ready to just dive into the dating scene. They stayed friends for a couple months. Each knew that the other was interested. However, they chose that it would be best for both of them if they got to know each other a little better.

After three long months of being "friends," Trenton and Jacquie made it all official.

Over the past year, they've been serving together, learning more about each other, sassing each other (Jacquie, otherwise known as lil' sassafrass). Together they are perfect. Humorous. Fun-loving. Godly.

So, when Trenton asked me to sneak into a house, camp-out, and take pictures of the proposal, I could only say yes. And, that's exactly what I did.

Trenton and Jacquie first really met when he came over to her apartment after a desperate tweet from Jacquie about losing her favorite necklace down the drain. So, Trenton to the rescue.

This time around, Trenton purposefully clogged her sink. Then, conveniently while he was over, he used the bathroom, noticed the problem, and offered to fix it. Jacquie wasn't too thrilled with his offer. He was going to make a mess. It was fine, really. But, Trenton insisted.

Unclogging the sink, Trenton pulled out a necklace(please note, the necklace wasn't actually in the drain. no worries) Jacquie had been missing. On the necklace was the ring. Jacquie took a step back as Trenton got on one knee. She didn't say anything. But, 10 minutes later, with the ring on her finger, she confirmed that yes, she would marry him.

The ring. Oh so cleverly placed on the necklace.

Taking a break from all the group messaging to get a hug from her fiance...

My word. So much joy. I think Jacquie's face was beaming all night. And by think, I mean know. I had the privilege of witnessing all the happiness first-hand.

Hugs of congratulations. Perfection.

Kimiko's priceless face.

Momma love.

Trenton trying to show off his ring...or lack there of.

I love you two.  And, I seriously can not wait until you get married. Eek!

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