Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tory Burch Flats.

Shamefully, I curled my toes back up into my shoes. Looking at the feet of those around me made me feel woefully incompetent when it came to attire for my peds. My friend slipped on a new pair of Tory Burch flats, and I knew that I would have to come to grips with it. Come to grips with the fact that it will probably never be a wise decision for me to spend that much on a pair of shoes.

In fact, my foot adornment at that time confirmed that, and more. I was wearing my favorite pair of beaded moccasins. These shoes have seen me through it all. And, it shows. The toe box has been sown up around the seams multiple times, the soles are being torn out, and every time I take them off, a piece of the sole stays stuck on my foot. Their condition is anything but pristine.

So, as I waked around midtown Manhattan, I felt judged (probably because I was being judged...). My knee jerk reaction was to feel sorry for myself, but that didn't last long. So, my sentiments were as follows.

I became increasingly thankful that I am not defined by the kind of shoe that I wear (albeit that these shoes are going to be replaced at some point today. They really are quite finished). It made me thankful for where my home is. In Manahattan, there's so much emphasis on appearance and status via apparel that I think it remarkably hard to not get totally caught up in all that the designers have to offer(although I'm not going to lie and say that I don't find looking through Vogue rather addicting, or pretending that I could afford an Ellie Saab dress tantalizing). There's so much less of that pressure living in the midwest. Or, ,aye it's just that the pressure comes in different forms.

Whatever it may be, I know one thing for certain. My status with God isn't dependent n how many pairs of Tory Burch flats I have, or how holey my glorious moccasins are. What a relief.

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