Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Way Early.

I don't think I should be held accountable for the outfits I put together at 6:30am. Like today. I wasn't in my right mind (coral and green? really?).

But, stumbling out of bed and throwing an assortment of notebooks in my backpack, I walked out of the house (all the while hoping that my fleece would cover up the outfit mishap). It was early. Way early. This morning marked the beginning of this semester's accountability group.

Somehow, we all found each other and convinced ourselves to wake up early (on a day we didn't have to) and talk about God early in the morning. To say that we all like coffee would be an understatement. But, I think a situation like this lends itself to compulsive and exponential coffee consumption.

Once I got over the earliness factor this morning, I remembered a)why I missed this over break, b)how much I love these girls, and c)how much I need God. It always baffles me why God brings people into my life that actually care about me and my walk with Him. Crazy.

We cover quite a bit of ground during our early mornings (probably not as much as we could, because, come on, we're girls. we like to talk. a lot.). After taking my daily dose of coffee and setting Bible reading/memorization goals for this next week, I'm finally ready for this semester.  Life and routine are back. And, so are my girls.

And, I'm thankful. Ridiculously thankful (even though the only picture of all of us has Trenton creepin' in the background...and my hair is going awry. ah, well).

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