Friday, January 13, 2012

Thinking Position.

This morning, I just sat. Sat in the middle of my bed with two hands clutched around my coffee mug. I was thinking. It's my traditional environment to do so.

I read my Bible to help ease the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed by everything (even the good things. how crazy is that?).

About half-way through my cup of coffee (that's how I measure time in the mornings), Julie promptly threw open my bedroom door and just stood. I gave her a quizzical look, and she then proceeded to ask me "Erika, are you happy?"

I didn't respond right away. Frankly, I was taken aback by my little sister's directness (not that it should be a surprise, especially coming form people in my family). Without thinking, the word "sure" came out of my mouth.

But, come on. Not very convincing. So, I just took a couple more minutes to think. And, I landed solidly upon the fact that I am a very happy person. Not because this week has been easy. Or, because I've got what I want. Although I can't really argue that my life is hard (not possible). Nope. I've decided it's because God has given me no reason to be unhappy. I have every reason (thanks to God) to be the happiest person on the planet. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that Christians should be the happiest people (but, that's not really where I'm going with, I'll just leave that alone for now).

So, I sat a little longer on my bed, processed a little more, and then decided that there wasn't enough coffee in my mug (happens all too frequently). Oh, there's still a lot to digest and think about, but why should I not spend that time happily doing it? There's no reason. None.

And, just to remember what things make me happy, I feel the need to make a list (I get this feeling a lot...a lot).

*Reading a Chronological Bible. I'm obsessed with this. Big time.

*Friends who bring me things back from awesome notebooks (I should really tell more people about my fetish for all things journal related).

*Classes. Especially friends in classes.

*Train's new song: Drive By. I may or may not bounce around in my seat in public computer labs when I listen to it. No shame.

*Photoshop collages. Who knew these could be so gosh darn fun? I sure didn't.

*Learning things that I have never had experience with before (like never knew existed before this year). e.g. programming

That will do for now. Although it is by no means an exhaustive list.

soma: a foreign drink that is supposed to give you some sort of mythical energy. a little strange. but, it was a coffee shop I went to recently. and, it makes me happy. so....(and no post is complete without a picture...just saying). and no worries, I didn't drink the mythical drink. just coffee. which is pretty magical if you ask me...

Now, Erika, just remember these things. Remember why you're happy. Remember how much God has given you. And now, stop writing in third person...

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