Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lost and Found.

When we went to Washington and Oregon before school started this semester, I decided to drag my DSLR, film camera, and iPad along on the journey. I believe things should be well-documented (obviously). After I got all the film processed (still wanting to learn how to do that on my own...someday), I couldn't find all the pictures. This may have been due to the fact that between all may photo-taking devices, I had over 1,000 pictures (which to me doesn't actually sound like that much. the parents say otherwise). So, some got lost.

BUT, I just stumbled across them while moving all my pictures off the home computer onto MINE(!!!). More on that new gadget, soon. These pictures just remind me of warmth and summer. All the fun. So, why not sneak a peek of some of them on this nippy December day (my thoughts exactly)?

Just one the many waterfalls along the Columbia river gorge. Who knew water falling down rocks could be so pretty?

Some of them were tucked away. I personally liked them the best. You know, the ones you have to search to find? So much more rewarding.

Have to put a plug in for my city of choice. It kind of is the best.


Oh good gracious. I'm bias (yes, this i know), but come on! This Scooge is the cutest.

Down town. Portland.

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