Thursday, December 1, 2011


I put down the phone on the table; all the while keeping my eye on it. The cacophony of the Union surrounding me drown out my thoughts. My mind went blank. There was nothing.

There was a tap on my shoulder. I quickly came back to reality. It was one of my engineering teammates. We were meeting up before working on a group project just to talk (and sample Starbucks tea...not planned, but wonderful. hurray for tea sampling).

The news that I had received earlier on the phone was still sinking in while we were talking. My mind is till trying to process the changes that are happening in my life right now. And, myself, being the anti-change monster, am a bit frightened. Even still, it's funny how life is a perpetual machine of change.

The change doesn't bother me as much as it used to. But, the hard thing now is not to just get through the changes. Those changes are opportunities for me to praise God. Even in this situation, the praise was not easy to find. Sometimes, you have to seek out the glory of God, then just run to him with it.

I am so ready to learn more. I want more situations that cause me to seek out God. God often teaches me through situations, but I've found that it may be case because I don't seek him like I should. Truth seeks me out; not the other way around.

Well, this time around, I am hungry, and I am ready. So ready.

Right where I sat when I got the call.

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