Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Red, Random, Rachelle.

Julie stood outside the bathroom and looked perplexed. My guess is that she doesn't remember the last time I colored my hair. The best explanation for how it works/why I was doing it was that it was like painting your hair, and you do it for fun. That probably only confused her more. Sorry, Mom and Dad, for most likely causing some problems for you further down the road (but, hey, that's what siblings are for).

So, needless to say, my hair is no longer a brownish color. Nope. It's auburn. I have yet to see it in full sunlight, but I don't think it's too shocking. It's a little sad; I think I was hoping for shocking (although I think my father is much more a fan of this subtle change).

But, backing up before the poor explanation of my uncanny desire to color my hair, I had a pretty important meeting. Backing up before the meeting (lots of backing up...maybe someday I should just start form the beginning. eh, too boring), I had lunch at Cracker Barrel with Rachelle. We talked about life and God. I walked away feeling refreshed and smelling like smoke (thanks fire). Together, we headed to the aforementioned meeting.

We met Titus in his office to discuss coffee ministry changes. Needless to say, things with our church's coffee ministry are about to get one honking upgrade (finally!). We crunched numbers and nourished my love for all things Excel.

Rachelle and I walked out of that meeting with our work cut out for ourselves. On top of coffee ministry, there was extra Christmas event planning related jazz (and, by that random assortment of words, I mean that Titus wants us to organize a church-wide event).

Fast forward past a trip to Wal-Mart (buying the hair dye), a run, and actually coloring my hair to sitting down eating dinner with my parents. I laid out what I had to do for Titus. They both stared at me, told me I had not idea what I'd gotten myself into, and confirmed that I am indeed insane.

I smiled and nodded to their wise words. There's no way I could ever get everything done by myself, this I know. That's why I pray and trust that God will bring along some servants to help me out a smidge. And, well, I must admit, I love seemingly impossible tasks. I'm just glad that this time, I have Rachelle. A trustworthy and hard-working friend there to provide insight and keep my focus on what's eternal.

P.S. Since it IS the day before Thanksgiving, I'll throw out one of the many things I am beyond thankful for. In fact, I'm thankful for all of the above, and for a severely gracious God who provides me with all I need, all the time to serve Him. 

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