Monday, December 26, 2011

Edge of My Seat.

Holiday buzz buzz takes it toll on your Bible reading. Rachelle and I set out to change that (with a little help from Panera and free coffee refills).

The plan?
Early morning talk.
Bible reading.
Then, done-zo.

It sounds simple enough, really (what's so difficult with imbibing mass quantities of coffee? nothing. that's right). We talked about how God has been working in our lives over break. His overwhelming grace. Seeing his work through people in our lives (living out what Lewis called "little Christs"). It was simply beautiful. God's work is something else. Needless to say, the beginning of our Panera stay cultivated more thankfulness towards God.

Then, as I was writing down verses to memorize (off of my iPad. so handy), these old (I should probably say "sage" or "elderly." oh well...) men asked about my iPad. They asked if I had my Bible on it (must have been eavesdropping on our conversation). I yanked it out of its case, because I can't resist talking about technology.

This action prompted an hour long conversation which bounced from the newspaper, to tom boys, to old age, the next generation, God raising people from the dead, college, feminism (you get the picture...we covered it ALL). Granted, these men had some very different perspectives than I believe (one told me that in 10 years I'll be raising people from the dead. yup, that'd be a true miracle).

Even through all the awkward conversation, I found myself wanting to be old (pretty strange, huh?). I was weirded out. Big time. Why on earth did I want to be old? Good question. I kept asking myself that. After mulling it over in my mind while the men talked, I stumbled over the reason.

There's wisdom in old age. I have so much to learn. Things I can only learn through experience. My word, I can't wait to be old. By then, I will have experienced a lot of life (here's hoping). Heaven will be that much closer. I will have had so much time to learn about God and live for Him.

Nope. Not wishing away my youngin' years (these men also reminded me and Rachelle of the glories of being young. "oh to be 19 again. that spry body"). It's just that I'm on the edge of my seat, ready to take on life. What's even more promising? I won't go the course alone. God has proven himself faithful and gracious. Always. And forever.

So, getting old sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

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  1. Amen :) Rachelle told me about this little interchange, so it was sweet to hear it from both perspectives. Always enjoy reading your posts about life & growth in Christ!