Friday, December 23, 2011

Circumstances and Attitude.

Church-wide breakfast for Christmas musical. Done.
Cake for brother's wedding. Done.
Find a dress for brother's wedding. Done (my friends have good taste. and they're pretty generous).
Photograph brother's wedding. Done.
Edit pictures. Eh, done-ish.
Cry as I watch my brother watch his bride come down the aisle. Done (this one I completed to the fullest...)
Clean up the glitter-bombed church post-wedding. Done.
Sleep. Done and done.
Say goodbye to my brother and new sister. Done (this one may or may not have included tears, too).

So, yes, all these things have happened in the last week and half. The circumstances. The attitude? The thoughts? See the following:

God's Faithfulness

And, yes, there was a time last week when I was utterly panicked and completely unsure of what to do (this happens all too frequently in my life. I should work on that, right?).

So, enough of all this stuff about my life. No whining. At least, not in public, you know. I'll clean up my act. If I stop talking now, my chances of regret later are smaller. Yeah, I'll just finish up these rambles with some pictures. That sounds safe.

Packin' Jessie B's car (did you catch that? Jessie V is now Jessie's pretty fantastic).

Together. They left too soon. And, they didn't stay long enough. But, that's almost how it always goes. 

The broskis saying goodbye. Love these stooges like no other.

The final goodbye...

The cousin comes. We put him to work. Polishing silver. Like Cinderella...only it would be CinderFELLA in this case. I guess.

Spiffed up house FULL of cookies and sugary noms. Brilliant!

The most beautiful of all older sisters, I do believe.

Dancing with the Daddio after the wedding rehearsal.

The new Christmas tree. He needs some significant weight gain, if you ask me. Too skinny.

Yes, coffee, of course. 'Tis the season for peppermint mocha creamer.

Some intense conversation. Obvi.

Grandpa teaching the Scooge how to dance.

Aren't they the cutest? I think so.

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