Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jessica and Alex.

His face completely changed. Once expressionless, it filled with a undeniable grin apparent to everyone present. Slowly, water built up along bottom of his eyes, ready to rush down his cheeks on command. He was watching his bride walk down the aisle. As I lifted the camera up to my eyes, I had to wipe off my once dry face with the sleeve of my sweater (not ideal seeing as black eye make up would leave nasty stains on a light grey sweater..oh well, that's already more than you needed to know).

It's hard to know where to begin with Alex and Jessica. But, this I know for sure, they are perfect-as in, the perfect storm of glitter, adventure, jokes, deep understanding, and Godliness. Don't ask me how all of those things collided. Just know that they have.

Alex met Jessica a little over a year ago right before he left home for military training. He questioned whether or not he should strike up a friendship with the gorgeous girl he'd met a church. With some egging on by Dad and our brother Trevor, he caved (although, I don't think it was hard. this girl is a gem).

So much of their relationship had been jerked around from dating to not dating. All the confusion due to Vision of Hope and others involved. But, this did not damage their friendship, in fact I can certainly say that it made it stronger. More importantly, it made each of them more aware of how they needed to please God in every situation.

I love weddings. Always have, always will. They are simply beautiful. But, what pushes me over the edge is when two Godly people get married to become one amazing force for God (oh goodness, that sounds like a lyric from Wicked...not intentional, I promise). Undoubtedly, this is what Alex and Jessica are. So, my dear brother and new sister, thank you for letting me be privy to your God honoring relationship.

Everything about this dress was amazing. So Jessica.

When you're an amazing hairstylist, of course you do your own hair on your wedding day. And, of course it looks amazing.

Jessica's sister is an amazing artist. She makes fascinators and hats. The ones you see at the Royal Wedding (yeah, her sister made hats for the royal wedding. crazy!).

Practicing for later.

Oh! The shoes. 

The sisters (or at least two of them).

I may be biased, but I think this kid is pretty handsome.
Actually, both of these kids are handsome.

Emulating some Lucy-Schroder action.

Perfectly awkward.

Always my favorite part. Always.

And, in true Jessica fashion, there was a boatload of glitter!

All official.

Love you two like crazy cakes! Try not to get frost bite in Alaska, ok?

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