Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Future Husband,

I started praying for you in my prayer journal. And, to be completely honest (I hear that's how relationships should be) it was a little awkward. I mean, what on earth do I pray for someone I don't know?

So, I did what any logical person would do. I googled it. Yes, some of the sites that came up looked way too homemade, and gave some mushy things to pray for. Not what I'm looking for. I had something more like a bullet-pointed list with verses from scripture to back up each item to pray for. And, after finding one too many sketchy websites, I landed on a real winner.

It has one thing for every day of the month. Although, I hope I remember to pray for you. It may not happen everyday. Actually, I can safely say that it won't. But, I'm trying to make strides.

I didn't want to start off all weird praying for you. No mushy stuff(like those other websites). I want the solid truth. It started out rather stiff. I wrote like a Puritan. Then, I guess it became more natural. It kind of ended up as a prayer for me or us, too. It was all focused on strengthening our spiritual disciplines. I sure hope that you're a faithful reader of God's word, that you pray and meditate. That's pretty darn importantè.

Who knows, maybe I'll keep my prayer journal (you know, the one with the cats), and you can read it. And, be weirded out by my puritanical prayers...Or, maybe I'll just keep it because I have an unbridled fettish for journals. It's out of control (the fettish that is). Although, this journal I am determined to fill up with prayers. And, it has cats. So cute. Gah!

Ok. I'll stop the babbling now, before you get even more weirded out.

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