Friday, November 4, 2011

Yoplait, Gloves, and Exclamation Marks.

Prioritizing. It's what I need to do.

In between running around in every which way like a child in a toy store, I've decided that I need to write down a list of what is going to be important to me these next couple of weeks (you know, the final push before THANKSGIVING...did someone say stuffing...pie...rolls?). Living proof of my distraction is sitting right next to me in the computer lab. It's a girl. She has strawberry yoplait that smells like fruit roll-ups. Oh my.

Ok, right, prioritizing. Maybe the reason I feel so scattered is because I haven't actually thought about what I'm doing, or what I would like to be doing with my semester.

So. Let's make it quick and snappy (the shorter the list, the less to distract me). Before Thanksgiving, I will focus on the following:
  • Make time for 2 friendship building activities per week (I need to remember that I have friends...or else I really won't).
  • Get higher scores on my tests than I have on past exams (like, I don't know, maybe less Facebook, more studying? sounds solid).
  • Continue running after half marathon (tomorrow!!!) (I do not need 8 hours of sleep a night. sheesh Erika. I could probably survive on seven. insert gasp here).
That seems doable. Or, at least for now it does.

Focus on school, relationships, exercise. And, underlying all those lovely things, trust God to be in control. Life gets ugly when I try my hand at being God (I have a whole slew of experiences that prove that point).

I need running gloves before tomorrow. And, I'd better do my math review. Baking, I'd like to do that soon, too. I'll save it for the list between Thanksgiving (!!!!!) and Christmas (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Focus.

Don't mock my overuse of exclamation marks. Sometimes excitement doesn't come through with just words. Ok?

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