Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Halloween Candy Effect.

I snarled a little. Come on, it gets old after a while. You know, all the couples dating. The magic of someone just starting a relationship is lost on me. My response used to be "Oh, really? I love that. My word. So cute."

My response when I heard about a new couple lately: "Seriously? It's about time. Sheesh. They're dropping like flies."

Oh, the cynicism. But, quickie question. What changed? Why the sudden burst of Scrooge?

It seems to be the Halloween candy effect. I love snickers bars, but when they come in droves, there's a point at which they lose their appeal. You know, when you eat all the good candy out of your Halloween stash (i.e. peanut m&ms, sour patch kids, reese's), and while you still love those dear snickers, since there are so many of them, you cast them aside. Maybe, you even become bitter toward them. You start wishing they were succulent sour patch watermelons.

Ok, but, this really isn't about candy now, is it? Although we all probably wish someone would figure our that whole transporting food through electronics (hey, Willy Wonka did it, so why not us?).

There have been so many relationships happening recently that they've become the snickers at the bottom of my candy stash. They are no longer celebrated.

Sadly, I've figured out the root of the problem (sadly, because that means that I have to fix it). I want everyone to be in the same place as me. Be experiencing the same things. Going through life at the same pace. Everyone just needs to be on Erika time. Then, life would be dandy.

Let's face the facts, I'm the only person on Erika time. I have to be ok with people doing things that I haven't experienced yet, or maybe never will. People aren't supposed to be relationships without me being in a relationship. I'm the gimp kid lagging behind wanting everyone to slow down to my pace.

Yes, I did just compare my life to a gimp kid. I think I experience life behind everyone else. Not until now has it really bothered me (college just enhances these things, I guess). Even though I'm struggling behind everyone, I still have to be joyful for where they are in their life. And, I would want someone to do the same for me (you know, when I'm a crazy cat lady and just figuring out about dating, relationships, etc. people will know that I'm a skosh behind).

Relationships are without a doubt happy things. In fact, I love them so much that I spend my weekends documenting all the love. It's funny how something you love so much, you get used to. You forget that it's special. Focus and importance get skewed. Then, I just have to remind myself that I really do love love.

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