Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rest and Muffins.

Everyone needs it. Rest, that is.

Not necessarily a nap, or a vacation. Something that soothes. It calms your heart. Your troubles fly away.

I have just now realized that I need this, too. School is important. But, sometimes I just need a break. I get exhausted of staring at complicated math problems and chemistry prelabs.

And, it's ok, and actually good, to relax. Kick back. Enjoy things I love.

Like what?

So glad you asked.

For one, baking. I love baking. It's therapeutic. It calms me down, I refocus as I mix together common ingredients to make something beautiful (sometimes). Today, I made these beauties. First batch plain, then I HAD to add dark chocolate to the next batch. It also doesn't hurt that these are considered a "clean food." And, I'm working on eating clean. Sugar-free.

Wow. My possessed looking smile is just a testament to how fun this is.

Getting my Martha Stewart on while the little happy muffins are in the oven.

The funny thing? I feel so much more relaxed after baking than after watching a movie or reading. Which, that just means that I have to do of it. It also didn't hurt that I did a little bit of yoga before baking. The combination is magical.

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