Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Future Husband,

Hey there.

Today I need the gospel. Like everyday, but today it's harder to make myself focus on it.

There are always these little distractions that keep me from running to God when I need him the most. Seeing that as a significant problem in my relationship with God, I've decided to eradicate the distractions.

How so?

Well, I'm so glad you asked, really. I bought a a little journal. That alone really won't solve the problem, as much as I wish buying journals could fix everything. No, this time, I actually bought a journal for a reason. And, I have a specific purpose for it.

Every time I feel like logging on Facebook, Twitter, or writing a blog post, I'm going to write in the journal. Instead of writing trivial things in my ca-ute notebook, it will be full of prayers. It's my little experiment. How will my relationship with God change if I spend my spare time writing to him.

This may end up being a completely ridiculous idea (although, since involves talking with God, I hope it won't be). I have many a valiant attempts made at what could be labeled as "prayer journaling." Each time I go to write it always sounds archaic and lacks originality. This time, I want to praise God and confess to him with complete honesty.

Oh, and hey, maybe this no Facebook, Twitter, blog thing will be good for my grades (a girl can dream, right?).

One week. Writing only to God.

Ready. Set. Go.

Yes, this is my notebook. Of course, I bought it just for the cat. No question.


  1. This reminds me of Psalm 1:1-3. Putting yourself in a good place to be fed by the Lord will be rewarding. =)

  2. This notebook reminds me of why we are friends :)
    LOVE IT!!!