Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kate and Lucas.

Quietly I shifted from foot to foot in the coffee shop. Waiting. Then, I heard what was undeniably laughter, and I recognized it instantaneously. Kate and Lucas. Their faces were reflected in the glass door; my recognition was confirmed.

Kate and Lucas started dating several years ago. Everyone knew (except Kate's roommate, who didn't put it all together till the night it actually happened) that something was going on between the two of them. Guys just don't come over to a girl's apartment every day if they're "just friends." So, finally one night, it became official (and Kate's roommate finally got it as Kate went to hit the "accept" request for a relationship on Facebook).

Together, they work. So well. Each one of them brings out the best in each other (and the great wit and sarcasm are not to be overlooked). I relished every moment of taking pictures for them. It's a privilege to see how they have made life together work. And, not just simply make life "work" together. They make life really beautiful.

Lucas currently has an internship in Baltimore this semester doing smart things (what else could you expect?). All the while, Kate is finishing up her last year in dietetics. A couple of smart cookies. In fact, I've already established that their children will be serious brainiacs and have long legs (just look at them! it's bound to happen).

We wanted to start things off right. And, by right, we mean with coffee. That's how all good things start. Of course.

Over their engagement, Kate has become a master at ring subtlety. Out of nowhere, her hand will be positioned perfectly so that the ring is in full view. I'm just guessing, but I think she likes it.

Those eyes. They are just beautiful. Sheesh.

And, Lucas showed up in good form if I do say so myself. Maryland hasn't hindered his photogenic abilities.

Kate had this amazing vision for this picture. Two problems, though. We didn't find a good wall, and we had zero chalk. So, Lucas, being the perceptive guy he is, went back to the coffee shop and asked for a piece of chalk (seeing as all their menus were written on chalk boards). So, we had the chalk. The chalk which the coffee man called "the awesome chalk." As we walked down the street, the perfect wall just jumped out. Shear perfection. And, really, how CUTE is this? Thank you, "Awesome Chalk."

Quickie outfit change, then down to the boathouse. Where while jumping a little gate, I realized again how short my legs are...and how long theirs are.

We had a very gloomy day, but that didn't hinder these two's spirits at all.

And, I think we'll wrap things up on this ridiculously adorable picture.

Kate and Lucas, thank you for letting me share an evening with you two, the coffee and conversation, and the fence hoppingOh, and Kate I don't think I'll ever listen to the Lion King soundtrack the same ever again (bring on the Disney hip-hop/rap). Cannot wait for you wedding next summer. Eek!

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