Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Catching it All.

Life happens too quickly sometimes, you know it? So fast, in fact, that I forget to stop and enjoy things. Actually enjoy. Noticing my finicky and awful habit, I've tried to implement various practices to combat life's fast-ness.

First, I started the all glamorfied (excuse my made-up words...) journaling. That lasted a day, and sometimes even two. A couple months would elapse. I felt guilty. Then, the cycle would begin again. As ideal as journaling sounds, for me it just doesn't happen. At all.

So, I moved on to a scrapbook journal of sorts. It was a little book where I randomly taped things on the pages, and occasionally wrote a sentence or two. That little book means the world to me. My life was literally glued to the pages. That was perfect for that time in my life. I was traveling a ton, so having a consistent little catch all worked.

My sweet catch-all.
After that period in my life was over, I found that my taping technique didn't really work any more. That's when I turned even more to my camera. My baby. My hard-drive hates the amount of storage that my selfish mega pictures use. But, I can't help it. Pictures are memories. The end.

When school started, and life came suuuuper fast, my camera didn't really come along for the ride. But, my iPad did. With it came access to my blog and pictures whenever I wanted them without the weight of my hefty camera (I still love you though. don't forget it). I post pictures on Facebook, and this blog is testament to my writing.

But, there are some things that don't make it to Facebook. Still worth remembering.
Flying home from Portland with my baby sis. I love telling her how an airplane least how I think it works.

I'm a real catch. Let me tell you.

Watching Little House on the Prairie before bed while I studied. Love my bsitting kids.

My studying. And, a hand-painted mug.

The Big Ten, pretending Purdue has a decent football team. Oh, the ploys.

Baking cookies and contorting faces. All in a good night's time.

Sitting in Starbucks before a photoshoot. Feeling inspired.
I don't catch everything. But, I'm doing my best to truly look for the moments worth remembering. That brings me joy. So much joy.

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