Tuesday, October 25, 2011


She walked down the street, and when I saw her outfit, the smile, and the good morning light, I knew this was going to be good. Rachel and I have grown up in the same town and in the same church together for years. High school hit, and our ways parted as we each pursued different things. But, I loved being able to see how she's spent the past couple of years, and what her plans entail.

The beauty about Rachel is her honest goodness. She's a book worm, and has no problem that people know it. History has forever caught her attention, so much so that she plans to major in international studies. What might one do with an international studies degree?

This girl is going to work in museums. And, I cannot say how well this fits her. She was born to live in a foreign country. I'll come visit wherever she is, because I know it will be somewhere amazing (of course).

So, we spent our Saturday morning talking. About life. Our plans.

Oh, and did I mention that the "abandoned" house we went to was not-so-abandoned? As we headed back to her car, a white bearded man walked out of this little shack. He just stood and stared at us. We hustled like the dickens to get in the car. Rachel got to practice her quick turn around skills. And, I sat there praying that he wouldn't pull out his gun. We live life on the edge...apparently.

Rachel had never been in Greyhouse before, but it just seems to fit her personality so well. The sweet smell of fresh brewed coffee wafted across the cafe. Oh my. Delicious.

Books. Books. Books. I think we could have spent all day in here. No doubt. And, she's by far the cutest bookworm I've ever met.

Aside from being a history buff, this girl is super musical (win-win).  AND she was keeper for her varsity soccer team.  One tough cookie.

Thank you golden light. Thank you fall. Thank you Rachel. 

The "abandoned" house...little did we know at this point what would befall us later.

Good girls keep a copy of Shakespeare's completed works by their bed.


Thank you Rachel for letting be a part of your senior year. I thoroughly enjoyed talking, laughing, and experiencing your driving skillsssss.


  1. Love these! Beautiful girl, beautiful pics. :)

  2. OK, so now I'm curious...what befell you at the "abandoned house"....??

  3. The old man stared us out of his drive way while Rachel used her...uh...interesting driving skills to get away as soon as possible. We were pretty sure he had a gun somewhere ;)