Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meg and Tyler.

I walked up to their cute little house, and admired the old architecture. We sat around the oversized dining room table and ate our taco soup and caught up on life (meg thought it was more like taco chili, since she'd left it in the crock pot for too long...still delicious, though). After we'd finished, we piled into the car, and away we went.

Tyler and my brother Alex were roommates in college. Tyler is slightly spastic and extremely extroverted. You really can't help but like him. He and Meg had dated all through college, so it was a beautiful privilege to see them get married a couple summers ago. Now, they've moved on to a new stage of life. Living in a house. Grown up. It really is adorable the way they love each other. Meg reads and knits. Tyler talks to people and smiles. Together they fit. They're balanced.

This may just have been THE most entertaining session to date. Or, at least it was one where I laughed the most. I love how comfortable they are with each other. So open. So fun.

Geez. I wonder where they went to school?

Goobers. No question about it.

The bridge these photos were taken on was the same place where they had their first date AND got engaged (on the same days years later). So, of course we took pictures there. Duh.

Meg and Tyler, thank you for the soup, the conversation, the laughs, and letting me document your lovely life :)