Friday, September 16, 2011

Golf, Coffee, and Old Men.

::This little number I found while clearing out never published writings. I don't know why I never "published" (if you can even call it that) it. But, today I needed this reminder. It's weird how events in your life never stop teaching you. I wrote this while I was interning at the radio station this past summer. I distinctly remember what I was wearing (black crop pants, lace top, and a striped sweater). It was just one of those moments.::

The sun was gleaming through the windows early in the morning. I was enveloped by the overstuffed chair when two elderly men walked into the coffee shop.

They sat down next to me. My original Barry Goldwater campaign pen caught their eye. We struck up a nice conversation. But, I had receipts to sort through, so I let them talk.

Their conversation would lag about every 5 minutes. You could tell that they'd been friends for a long time. They talked golf, politics, coffee, and golf.

As they got up to leave, one of them touched my arm and wished me a "good rest of the day, sweet heart." They offered me a round of golf, but I had to decline ( this girl has no idea how to play).

They reminded me of the simplicity of life. The good times. The friendships. When I'm old, I hope my life is as sweet and easy as these two fellows.

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