Monday, May 9, 2011

Insert Gasp Here.

I'd been out late setting up stuff for Sunday morning. I mis-set my alarm and woke up late. Church happened, and lunch with the family for Mom, too. After I told my mom that I loved her and appreciated her to the nth, I went upstairs to rest.

It took a good couple of hours. The resting, that is. But, more than resting, I was digesting. Life has been happening pretty fast. For example:
1. I made cakes for my sister's wedding.
2. My sister got married (insert gasp here).
3. I finished high school.
4. I went to my last ever debate tournament (yes, debate tournies exist).
5. I found out none of siblings can make it to my open house (twinge of sadness).
6. I am now in the college group at church (can it be? I still feel 12 years old inside).

So, my mind went reeling. It still doesn't all make sense. I, the anti-change animal, must face all of this in one fell swoop. Alone this would be hard, and it still will be. Knowing that God planned all this to happen at once comforts me (even though sometimes it only feels slight). I'm thankful for these changes. But, most of all, it wierds me out.

Life won't slow down, because it never does. But, I'm trying to stay sane amidst the chaos. So, I wrote out summer goals this morning. Nothing grand or daunting. They're just things I want to get done. Life is so much better when it's some-what organized-ish.

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