Monday, May 2, 2011


I cried like a baby when she walked down the aisle. They said their vows, smooched it up, then walked out as husband and wife. It was shear perfection.

People asked me if I was stressed about the cakes or the wedding in general. And, I had to say no. I wasn't. Everything went the way it was supposed to. My sister was the complete opposite of bridezilla. In fact, she was brideangel (it's going to catch on, folks).

I gave my toast at the reception while I reigned the tears in, and saw my beautiful sister and new brother. It's weird though. I was never too hot on the whole marriage idea. It's probably because I've never met anyone I would even consider spending forever with. But, Courtney and Scott are perfect. Radiant. In love with God and each other. I guess marriage isn't so bad after all.

This little sucker came home from the Big Apple. And he went back too soon, but isn't that always the case?

We bridesmaids love us some shoes.

THE dress.

Trevor invading the girl's space (also known as, the room which has a hair spray fog).

Excited little squirts because our seeester was getting married.
The big day is over. Family is all back home. I miss everyone, but we'll see them again. One big event down. One still to come.


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