Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Week: Day 4 + 5

I've found the song. Yes, the song of this baking experience. And, no, that's not weird that I have songs for each time I bake.

I was blasting some Glee in the kitchen (sooo much Glee this week), and it just so happened that the song "Rehab" came on. I started dancing before I realized what song it was. It was the first song that really made me dance this week. So, hence the song of the week. I know you were just dying to know how I chose my songs...

This week has been other worldly (can you say Madeleine L'Engle). Courtney and Scott have been over almost every night. I study. They talk. We eat dinner. Together.

The baking process is almost over. The chocolate ganache cakes will be baked tomorrow (dry chocolate cake is theee worst).

Enter red velvety goodness. Please note that none of these pictures were color enhanced. The cake really is that red.

Yes. I baked in my PJs. And, I almost went to class like this. It wasn't until I started donning my shoes that I realized that I wasn't in "normal" clothing.

With all this baking happening around here, there hasn't been much room in the fridge. So, lunches have been tricky. I came up with a rather unoriginal solution. I've perfected (or so I think) the art of omelets (Julia Child probably thinks otherwise). And, in short, I've had them everyday this week for lunch. Protein, eh?

The sun I mentioned yesterday? So glad you asked. Behold.
I was just sitting in my bedroom minding my own business, then this showed up. Beauty.

Can you believe it? In just 48 hours I'll be cleaning up the reception for this crazy wedding. I'll be giving a toast tomorrow, and Saturday. I have to hold my sister's bouquet and walk in a straight line (I have yet to accomplish that). My dearest older sister is going to be married. And, I get to watch it. How blessed am I? Don't even try to answer that question. It'd be a way long list.


The big life-changing event is a-coming.

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  1. Love your blog! Sounds like you are doing a fabulous job!!! Erika (Gerber) ~ Had to add my last name in case people think you are leaving comments on your own blog :)