Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rain Drops on Roses + Blogs

I have days where I just feel stuck. Creative juice-less, and uninspired. It's on these dog days that I turn to some of my favorite things (begin Sound of Music reenactment now). No, no raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens. Although those are pretty darn awesome. But, those are not my favorite things. Of all the things I'm addicted to, the following may be some of the most fun/profitable/entertaining of all.

First on the list is: B.L.O.G.s
Yes, I am a blogger (that's weird to say), and I may be a bit bias, but blogs are the best. Shamelessly looking in on other's lives. It's a win-win sort of deal. So, who's lives do I, I mean read occasionally about?

I cannot get enough of her. Real, fabulous, and seriously a smart photographer.

Can I please have your life? I want to be a boho-chic graphic designer and photographer.

Dry humor and a huge dose of smashingly good food is what I like everyday.

This family melts my heart. They homeschool, live like hippies, love Jesus, and take stunning photographs. All my whims can be met by reading this little jewel of a blog.

Enjoy. And get hooked. Like I already am.

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