Friday, April 8, 2011

Overusing "cliche"+Prose

I'm so happy God gave you to me.
It sounds cliche.
And, it probably is.
I can't get over us.

So, I realize that
The first stanza sounds
Like a cheesy couple poem.
Which makes it more cliche.

But, I'm not talking
About being a couple.
I am talking
About being a family.

Life gets so busy
And I forget
What life is really like
When we're all together.

The oldest is getting hitched
And, I wait
With baited breath
For the day.

You know why?
Because then we'll be
Together for just a little.
But, it's enough.

It's enough to
Get me through
The last thrust of school
And my graduation.

Life is just
Better when we
Are all together.

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