Monday, March 21, 2011

Prying People+Love


That's my answer when prying people (ok, not all of them are prying, maybe just too curious) ask if I'm dating or have a "special someone." Their next question is one of the following:
"Why not?"
"Have you ever dated?"
"Oh, but you seem pretty cute." (I don't really know how someone can *seem* cute).

It's at this point that I must make a decision. Do I tell them that there just isn't anyone, or do I explain all my rational behind the fact that I'm single. I usually opt for the former, because I don't really like pouring out my heart behind dating to someone who is likely a stranger.

I know you're probably thinking "My word! Is this really going to be a rant about dating?" And the answer is a hearty...maybe. Here, let me explain (every weird answer deserves an explanation, that you may or may not be sorry you heard). I think people over-think this whole "dating" thing. Please understand, I am the first person to admit this, me being the whole over analytical type.

Girls freak out over maybe going out to coffee with a guy. Books about never dating have been written. Boys clam up because they're afraid that if they even talk to a girl, the girl will think he likes them. Stop being on the constant alert for a guy who might be interesting (once again...I'm guilty of this).

God gave us some pretty awesome commands in scripture. And some that take all our attention to even try to accomplish. That being said, how about the greatest command- "Love God and love others." I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard enough time doing that on my own.
Granted, part of the beauty of a relationship is that you can strive to do this with another person helping you. But, the relationship with the other person should not come first. Our relationship with God always should come first.

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  1. Amazing how we often we stick our relationship with God on the back burner, on "warm" whe we should have it on the front burner "boilin' over"!