Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How To Videos+Crepes

This morning I woke up without an alarm, laid in bed for an hour thinking, then slowly pulled my feet out from under my flannel sheets and braced myself for the morning. This week is spring break. No school. Just me, creative juices, and projects that have been forced to the back burner for some time (maybe forever).

As I plopped my feet down on the slightly shag (not nearly shaggy enough for my taste) carpet in my bedroom, I ditched my usual routine. The routine which includes looking at the "to-do" list or making a new one, then sending up a great big prayer to God for my day. Nope, today I didn't do that (ok, I lied...I did pray).

Today, I am going to try to master the art of crepes. I've watched too many youtube videos, and read my fair share of recipes. I'm going to bake and cook-things that rarely happen when I'm in school.

So, this week is about doing things I never really have found the time to (inspiration boards for branding, baking *there might have been a big fail last night*, and reading...for fun).

Happy Tuesday!

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