Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I, like most people (I think), believe the best about myself. For most of what I do, I think that I'm doing it for the good of all (the whole benefitting the common welfare). Somehow, in my mind, successfully doing calculus homework is equated with curing AIDS (or at least the common cold). Please, oh please, do not read too much into this. Me and my feeble self like to think that I am saving the world.

All you biblically trained counselors out there are bringing out your study Bibles and thumbing through Proverbs right about now and getting ready to "NANC" me (it's ok...I know that "haughty eyes" is one of the things God hates, and I'm also aware that "pride goes before the fall"). Lucky (or not so) for me, I see what is so deeply rooted inside of me.

For example, I didn't do so hot on my last physics exam (it was ugly). So, my first thought was to be mad, and frankly a little ticked off at the man who wrote it (for Pete's sake, did he not know that I studied?).

In light of the previous, I'm going to try a little harder at identifying my pride and rooting that nasty stuff out of me. So, if you see me being prideful, call me out. Chances are, if I actually was being proud, I won't really like you for noticing it (no worries, in the long run, we'll be besties).

Oh, and sorry for the brief neglect of this writing outlet. Sometimes, life just happens, and I forget to write about it.

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