Friday, February 11, 2011

Dear Future Husband,

Okay, so we haven't really discussed our future life in a while (my is way too demanding). I really hope that you like to run, because I'm training for a half marathon ( and I could use some extra motivation. Quite honestly, all the running hasn't really been that bad. Dare I say that I may actually be starting to like it?

I know, I know, enough about my exercise regime.

In other news, I'm starting to plan the agenda for my backpacking trip with my dad this summer. There are so many places that I want to visit (Rome, Milan, Barcelona, Athens, Paris, L'Abri, etc...yes, it's a long list. This may take more than two weeks...). I'm giddy with excitement. The whole Blake family has travelled to Europe twice before, but I was such a little squeeb that I had no idea the history I was beholding.

So, currently, here are my ideas:
1. Land in Barcelona. Take in the glories that are Spain (and maybe practice my awful Spanish). Not to mention, there's this insane architect whose work I would el-oh-vee-e to see. Oh, and can you say some legit futbol?
2. We'll take the EuroRail to Paris, and eat too many pastries and oogle at Versailles and the Louvre.
3. Once again, we'll use the lovely EuroRail and go to L'Abri (home to Francis Schaeffer...I really like him, like a lot...I'm sure you'll figure that out in time).
4. After soaking in the intellectual vibes of Switzerland, Dad and I will hop on down to Rome. Oh, how I love Roman history (the art, the culture, the beautiful).
To document these lovely adventures, I'm getting a film SLR. I'm paranoid about taking my DSLR and all my lenses (yeah..did you catch the whole backpacking thing?).

Someday, we'll go together and see Greece (because that truly is a whole trip in itself). I love Greek philosophy and sculpture almost as much as Roman. Oh, and please tell me that you don't have an aversion to youth hostels (because, they are so gosh darn economical...albeit a little unsafe, but you would be there).

I'm glad we've had this little chat. our Europe trips will be off 'da heeezy (me saying that is probably a sign that I should just stop talking...).

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