Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Day Spent Dreaming:THE Notebook+500 Days

I stayed up like way late last night (no, not an all-nighter, but it sure felt like it). Sometimes, I have friends who live far away who I don't see all the time. So, when we do see each other, it calls for talking till 4am (it's a given).

Today, I woke up in a state of dreaming. So, today truly was a "day spent dreaming" (I was/am in a daze). Even though my day was spent half awake, I still kept wishing of a whole myriad of things. I've lingered through most of the day wishing that I could be more task-oriented.

(Yes, I dream of being more task-oriented...don't hate). Last night at Barnes & Noble I picked up a much coveted "To-Do List Journal." Nerdy though it may be, I wanted it sooooo badly. Now, I have no excuse to not be task-oriented (well, maybe...I'm still dreaming though, because I don't think a notebook will solve all my problems...I wish).
(THE notebook that will make me more productive)

But, no, I have a more idyllic thing I've been dreaming about (promise). I want summer back, please. Snow is great and all, but I'm kind of over it. I can only scrape my car so many times (one time scraping is one too many). Summer clothes are fun, and I'm not constantly hiding under a massive (but, oh so cute) black coat. So, in honor of summer, I present the following movie which I originally saw this past summer. Come back warmth, sunshine, and summertime, please (yikes, that sounds like a bad country song).
Happy Saturday (dream of something warm...)!

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