Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coffee Here+Change There

I get easily overwhelmed by people, lots of people. A coffee talk here, a bake-off there, and that's how I make friends. Large group settings, I avoid them like the plague (ok, not really all the time, but for the most part). After talking to so many different people, my small talk-o-meter (the measure of how much small talk I'm capable of) runs out and registers a glaring zero.

This past week, I dealt (I use this term lightly. I do really like the people I interacted with) with a lot of people. It was fun. It was exhausting. People don't give me energy (at least, most don't. There are exceptions to this rule), they take it away. Sadly, life isn't about how I feel, or how people make me feel. Sometimes, it's just a cope-and-deal situation.

All this to say that in my near future, I will be dealing with lots of people. My sister is engaged (whoop, whoop!); my brother is leaving, for good (thank you, Army); and I graduate.

Apparently, God really wants to see how I handle a) change and b) lots of people. Before the mass chaos wedding war zone mentality sets in (did I say that my sister is getting married in April?), I need to get my attitude right. Which consequently means: quit being so gosh darn selfish Erika.

Note: I am planning on being an engineer. Minimal people to people work, praise the Lord.

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  1. may you have much grace for all the people-time you're about to face! and, you know, it's too bad you're so gosh-darn likeable. cuz people are always gonna wanna be around you...