Wednesday, February 2, 2011


She was rushed to the ER Monday morning. I got a text from my mom while I was watching Ava and Levi. I didn't think about it much afterward because children steal your attention and don't aim to give it back till you leave. As I was heading out the door, the mother stopped me and asked how I was doing. Like a flood, the fact that my sister was in the ER came out of my mouth. Without hesitation, she put her hand on me and began to pray, and then the kids prayed.

Although my sister has not showed signs of improvement, I know there are masses of people using their gift of prayer to bless my sister. For that, our family is beyond grateful.

Last night right before my mom left the hospital, my sister's fiance Scott came to see Courtney. As it would go, the hospital quit letting people in and out due to the weather. Scott was stuck in the hospital. He opted to sleep in the sterile hospital chair. Throughout the night, Courtney's pain was worse than ever, but Scott was up with her, holding her hand. He was there. They named a teddy bear Cedric and Scott got four hours of intermittent sleep.

When I arrived this morning, he was still there, sitting next to her bed. I've seen my sister look better (much better), but there was a little shimmer of joy in her countenance because of Scott. She's in pain, but she doesn't complain. She holds her own.

When my sister asked me to be her maid of honor in her upcoming wedding, I unquestionably said "yes!" Now though, I'm thinking "why on earth did she choose me?" My sister is not selfish, proud, or demanding. Yet, I am all three. She is so good, and gives glory to God for everything (even being in a hospital).

My sister and her fiance are a living representation of Christ, or as C.S. Lewis wrote "little Christs." I've hurt my sister, said things I simply shouldn't have, and turned a cold shoulder for a small quarrel. Still, she shows no change in her treatment of me. For that, I am thankful. She loves, and together they love, like Christ.


  1. Thank you for making me cry. :P

  2. me four...what a beautiful testimony of Christ's work in all THREE of your lives :) thanks for sharing, erika! so sweet :)