Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to the cornucopia.

I went to class today in yoga pants and an Adidas hoodie. I felt athletic, and I liked it.

Saturday evening I wore a pair of killer black and red heels with a grey sheath dress, complete with red lipstick.

Sunday I wore argyle tights, a striped dress, and ankle boots.

I love my jeans and tee-shirts and comfy clothes.

Somedays, it's just kind of hard to determine who I really am. Please do not think that I believe that your clothes define you, but they do reflect some of the nature of a person. I look at my life, and who I am (a student who has no plans). Then, I look at who I want to be (some one who wears grunge vintage jeans while saving the world, and has a mind of their own).

Who knows if I'll ever become what I see as an ideal.

But, today I feel like a giant cornucopia of experiences (and clothes) has exploded in my face.
(This is my confused face-pass judgement as you like)

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