Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Resolution.

Each year of life brings on its daunting challenges. In junior high, it was adjusting to the awkwardness of well...everything. Freshman year, it was the nuisances of high school. Thus, the progression has continued. Yes, I do realize that I am still in high school and have not fully experienced "grown-up" life, but I feel like every year I get a little bigger dose of reality.

This year's learning experience (or grown up responsibility...whatever you prefer) has been learning to tell people "no." By telling people "no," I don't mean ruthlessly shutting people down (although that happens, because sometimes you just have to). I mean saying "no" to opportunities or responsibilities. I have an awful phobia of disappointing people (yes, I do realize it's all based around people pleasing), and it is a monster that is hard to shake off my back.
So, I have a resolution. I will tell people my honest feelings in a loving way (holla, 1st John), and graciously say "no."

(DISCLAIMER:I mean nothing of this in a mean way. Sometimes, I simply agree to too much, or to things I'm not obligated to do. And, I can never seem to find the word "no" anywhere in my vocabulary.)

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  1. Toootally in the same boat. "No" is heaps difficult for me to say... but I am learning to, and what I have found so far is that saying "no" requires maturity. Simultaneously, the responsibilities and opportunities that I have said "yes" to have more meaning, and I am able to pour myself more fully into them. It has taught me quality over quantity.