Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eyes squinted shut.

I go to Starbucks every Wednesday night after church, see the same barista, order the same drink, and do financial accounting. It's become my mid-week ritual. The music is just soft enough that I can concentrate, but loud enough for me to hear and enjoy. It is perfect.

Last night, after I got home, I realized how much time I had actually spent at Starbucks this past semester. Then, it hit me, I was talking about "this past semester." Fall semester is almost over. My senior year is half complete. In succession with the previous thoughts, I had more about what exactly I'd done in the last three months.
  1. I started my first ever college classes (whoop, whoop for double credit).
  2. I played my last year (probably ever) of soccer.
  3. Much to my surprise, I catered desserts to a wedding and everything came out ok.
  4. Finally, I decided on a college degree.
  5. I had stuck to my convictions, even when it was hard, knowing that my choices were honorable to God (this, I might add, was the most rewarding accomplishment).
When I woke up this morning, I heard Julie walking down the hall. I called her name and she came running into my bedroom and pounced on my bed. She asked me to paint her fingernails and do her hair for preschool. After we had finished, we walked downstairs and made some coffee.

Right now, I think I'm supposed to be doing calculus, but I just got done spending a few minutes with my eyes squinted shut thanking God for what he's given me. I am content.
(The sisters, together at last. This past summer.)

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