Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dear Future Husband,

I'm beginning to doubt that you exist. Yes, I am a youngin' right now, and yes there's still time, but every time I meet a new guy they always seem so shallow. Maybe I'm just too analytical (you should probably know this: I think everything through a bajillion times). As I was sitting in church today hearing about saving money and giving to others, it just kind of hit me. It might be a while till we meet (I get that), but I have a feeling you'll be the kind of guy who loves to give. We can give together.

It started when I was really young. Africa seemed like the place to be. I dreamed of going there. Playing with the animals. Talking to the people (in English, of course) and hearing their stories. Because, I'm kind of fascinated by them. I still have not lost that desire. A couple nights ago, I thought of simply ditching college and going full time to Uganda. Although, if that's what God has for me, he'll make a way (I'm sure).

Maybe God will make a way when we're together. Or maybe, we'll do it separately. No matter how, if, or when it happens, we're going to jump at the opportunity.

This all sounds so idyllic. I know we'll have problems (hellooooo, I'm a sinner). We'll work them out. I don't doubt. Today I just really wanted someone to feel the same way I do about giving and Africa. So, I wrote you a note.

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