Monday, September 27, 2010

"Has Seasons"

People always told me that life "has seasons". I never believed them. That saying to me has been the grown-up's hoax to get kids through parts of life that they don't like very much. Never in my seventeen years of life (don't shake your head at my youth...) did I ever imagine saying and or believing that life "has seasons".

Like all my irrational ideas, it faded away just as my fetish for ham, gym shorts, and bad haircuts did. However, when I choose to let ideas go, it has to be for some logical reason. So, what's my reasoning behind believing that life "has seasons"?

It's my senior year of high school and currently there are a lot of unknowns (just look at my previous posts if I haven't made it crystal clear). I have no idea what I'll be majoring in, where I'll be going, or whether or not I just drop off the face of the earth. Throughout this whole process, I have had amazing friends who have guided me and helped me accept that God hasn't given me any of that information yet.

Over the weekend, I realized how much I selfishly depended on those relationships. A friend of mine, who has been loyal for years and years seemed to be ignoring me. Maybe it was her current busy schedule, new love of college friends, or just the two of us growing apart, but whatever it truly was, it was tearing my soul apart. I didn't want to confront her about it, because I knew how she handles that, and let's just say, she hurts when someone confronts her, a lot.

So, the route I have taken is just leaving it be, taking time to step back from the situation, and letting love cover it. I know that I can't change her actions or thoughts and maybe I shouldn't. Now I don't know if this "season" for our friendship is over, but now I realize what life's "seasons" feel like.

Sometimes it's just making hard decisions that distance you from loved ones. Choosing to do what you want, instead of what others want you to do. Realizing that life doesn't happen to everyone at the same rate. Realizing that sometimes we just have to pony-up and act like we can handle it (when we all know that late at night, it hurts, and we pour it out to God).

Now, I guess it's my turn to do what many others before me have done, embrace that life has seasons, and like everyone around the world, we don't all change season at the same time.

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