Sunday, August 29, 2010

A little itsy-bitsy bit of panic.

I did my Monday SPAN 101 homework the Wednesday before it was due. My ENGL 111 reading for Tuesday is done and so is the rough draft of my paper. I like getting stuff done. It gives me satisfaction.

I failed, big time in the ACCT 101 department though. Amazon is not to blame in this whole ordeal, although they have yet to get me my textbook I ordered weeks ago. It's time for me to face the music that is blaring out of a speaker that is as tall as I am. My accounting homework is due tomorrow. I have no book. You put two and two together. Yes, that's right, I did not do my homework.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30am, the last thing I want to do is be at my accounting class. My three hour lecture will be like taking a walk of shame. No, actually it will be more like a marathon of shame.

Of course, it's not the Blake way to complain about something without trying to remedy it. So, I have e-mailed and called my professor, e-mailed my classmates, and looked for illegal online versions of the textbook. Truth me told, I just want to stop all my work, sit down, and have out a grievous cry.

If getting this homework done means waiting all night for a classmate to e-mail me the homework, I will do it because I'm desperate.

So, I have a little itsy-bitsy bit of panic when it comes to my class tomorrow morning.

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