Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bite Size.

You know what moments I'm talking about. The moments when you feel like a grain of nothing, when you feel like some one could eat you in just one bite. You feel bite size.

That is a picture of the way I feel tonight. I feel small, insignificant, stupid, and humbled. Some people just know where to hit you and make it hurt. Right now, I would like to crawl up like a rolly-polly and wallow in self pity. Sadly, that's not what God wants me to do. According to the Bible, that's selfishness and pride. Yup, another bite of me is gone.

Let the tears, binge eating, and pity party begin. Oh wait, that's not biblical. Why does dying to self feel like pushing the world off your shoulders?

Do I feel like reading A Passage To India tonight? Do I feel like writing papers? Do I feel like doing a Calculus lesson? Nope, I don't feel like doing any of that. But, it's not about what I feel, it's about what I should do. So, I'll take a deep breath, push the unbiblical feelings aside, and get working.

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