Thursday, April 29, 2010

Heading out again, folks.

So, I know I have a very limited readership, to be honest, it doesn't even bother me. Just so we're clear, I'm not writing about my life so that you all can experience it. Because in reality, your life is probably better and much more exciting. The real reason I even write is to remind myself of what I felt or thought at specific moments in time. I've ranted, raved, put up too many pictures, and probably wasted your time, but looking back over old blog posts, it makes me smile.

All that to say, that I'm going to be incognito these next couple of weeks. I'm heading out again into the great and HUGE world. This time I have a destination much more exciting than DE or NH. But, the people in those last two states seriously changed my life. But, for this next excursion I'll be visiting the places where it all happened- Harrisburg, PA and Boston, MA.

I'm a little excited to say the least, but I also have my fair share of nerves (trust me). To up my excitement level I went photo digging on Google and found some of my favorite images from the two cities.

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