Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Plan.

We were out eating lunch under a large maple. It was windy; so we were trying to keep our napkins from blowing away while still trying to hold conversation.

Our lives were a bit crazy last week. I didn't cook anything. All week. Nothing. There was no time, and I was gone every night (thank the Lord Greg doesn't mind omelets for dinner).

This lunch was our catch up time. And, I couldn't have been more thankful for it.

As I was finishing my last bite of chili, Greg asked me about my plan. My photography plan.

We had both agreed some months ago that we didn't have the resources to be using our "spending" money to be purchasing gear. So, every penny would have to come from what I earned doing photography. This seems only fair.

So, when he asked about my plan, he was asking about my business strategy. Website, gear deals, learning opportunities, etc.

I just about fell out of my seat (more realistically, off the picnic table). He was pushing me. He was taking my hand and leading the way to help me accomplish my dreams.

Today, I can say that I am one step closer to those dreams.

There is a website in the works. A real blog. And, much more work to be done.

But, all of this is to say that there is something coming.

A new facet to my dream (to our dream).

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