Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I slept through my math class.
I rarely feel productive enough.
My runs aren't long enough.
My time doesn't last.
My hair is never done.
Bible time is rushed.
Campus is too far away.

And, apparently I am an ungrateful wretch. I still feel that all the above are true, though.

As I bolted out of bed this morning, and realized that I'd missed my class, I hurried to gather my things. Mom encouraged me to find my professor after class. So, while I was in a frenzy (and maybe almost in tears?), Momma made my lunch for me and sent me off with a mug full of rich black coffee.

I smiled as I ate my lunch. I relished every sip from that travel mug. Because someone loves me. So much. It's nice to feel loved sometimes. You know it?

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