Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jessica and Drew.

She's just about the sweetest thing ever (with a big kick of spunk). Through living with my sister, church, and photographing friend's weddings, I got to know Jessica. Both my sister and she were single during the majority of the time they lived together. They'd learned to be content. About the time they both came into that mindset, these two amazing gentlemen came into their lives.

Jessica and Drew met in November of last year. The relationship had to be long distance since Drew lived a state away. Still, a state was not enough to keep them apart (especially on weekends). Things just kept getting better. In fact, everything was lining  up perfectly. So, Drew decided to take the plunge. He didn't want his girl to be a state away anymore.

So, one evening while Jessica was having dinner with several close girl friends at her apartment, there was a knock on the door. To be honest, Jessica didn't want to answer it for fear that it was some sort of creep. Her friends told her not to worry, because she had back-up. Tentatively, she opened the door only a crack to reveal Drew standing outside. Jessica was shocked, and she finally began to put together what was happening in that moment. She was finally going to marry Drew. They're getting married in January, and I could not possibly be any more thrilled for them.

The fall colors are out in full swing, Jessica and Drew are fantastic to photograph (I mean, they own the serious and the happy...come on), and we walked around town grabbing some photos while the sun slowly set.
Starting things out super fierce.

I seriously doubt if they could be any more fun, or cute, or amazing.

Jessica was a little worried about being serious. But, come one, this girl is a looker.

Blue, blue, blue eyes.

There just happens to be this amazing historic mansion in town. So, OF COURSE we took advantage of that.

May I just commend Drew's taste in rings. Gorgeous.

Jess and Drew, thank you for letting me document your story. You two are such a blast to be with! I cannot wait for January!

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